Tuesday, March 26, 2024

A new (to me) local company -- Introducing Austin AudioWorks

 Happy to learn of a local audio company producing headphone and phono amps (with more to come). Austin AudioWorks. In truth, they've been around a bit longer than I realized and have at the help both Barry Thornton (formerly of Quintessence Audio Group among others) and Bill Leebens (whom I last met when he was overseeing reviews for PS Audio). Since it's common to see new companies launching nose-beed priced products, what fun to find Austin AudioWorks launching a $1600 phono stage that covers MM and MC cartridges, balanced and single ended outputs,  with front facing controls for resistance, capacity and gain.   And it's made in Austin too, apparently. This little 'do-it-all' might just be a vinyl lovers dream.   Find out more at https://austinaudioworks.com

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