Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hitler finds out the results from cable ABX testing

OK, there have been better written parodies on this famous scene but this one might be the first to delve into the fanaticism of audio -- Enjoy:

Monday, January 12, 2015

Changing those headshell leads

Dexterity was tested, patience pushed to the limit, but I did manage to insert a set of the Furutech La Source replacement headshell leads in my SME V over the holidays. In fact, I did it several times as I swapped back and forth between these and the stock (probably VdH) wires across several cartridges. Yes, I had an accident on the way but that's life. What I can say is those little wires are critical to the sound of the vinyl rig. I got so involved in this I wrote up the review for HiFi'Zine, see the results here. Thanks to Scot Markwell of Elite AV and The Gear Shop for making this review possible.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Better alignment through technology: the SMARTractor

The commentary is in German but the visuals are excellent enough that they should be self-explanatory. The secret sauce is the proprietary Uni-Din alignment on offered which from what I can tell, is an original calculation designed to reflect the type of stylus and grooves found in modern stereo LP reproduction.  Not too sure I see what he sees at 1:28 but that might just be the camera. You know you want one, only $750 -- start saving :)

I requested a review sample but it seems this won't work out any time soon but I am assured these will be on display at RMAF in Denver.