Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Audio Wiki set up

Check out the new PSAudio sponsored (created?) wiki --


Yes, I've been quiet, real life and work got in the way, but I also have been busy breaking in the revised Wyred4Sound MC4 that I have in for review. Wyred changed a couple of modules when I reported I found the original version to be a little hard sounding with no air in the upper range. They also said the 300 hours break-in was crucial. So.....let me say, 300 hours of listening when you share a room with a family is no trivial deal. I'm at 230 hours now so the review period will commence soon but it means I've yet to re-install the now-back-in-one-piece VK500 or my newly Cullen-mod'd GCP200. All in due course.....June is looking a little more open and I'll post more as we go.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The BAT is Back (nearly)

Right channel returned yesterday -- here it is:
I've not installed it yet but it looks clean, smells almost new and am not clear on how many new parts it contains there's plenty of fresh solder there.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Affordable Audio - May Issue out now

Check out the May issue of affordable audio for my review of the PS Audio GCP 200. Just after I submitted, naturally, the gain cell in one channel went and I had to send it off to Cullen Circuits for repair. After some back and forth over warranty etc. I decided to take an upgrade option on new modified gain cells from Cullen. I am awaiting the return so I can check it out.

Monday, May 5, 2008

BAT VK500 redux

Well, I heard back to my last email, and BAT claim that my problem was a thorny one for which they cannot provide a simple solution. After changing out parts one by one, they ended up replacing them by the handful. The bill comes to $300 and I am told the channel is clean. The problem of course is that since I sent the amp to them the problem seemed to result from my PS audio preamp instead, so I wonder if BAT have replaced parts without need. But presumably, they checked first to make sure that the channel WAS making noise before replacing even the first part so I guess I have a new channel with no noise. That the unit has been out of my system now for more than 22 days means I have made a record, but as yet their site does not reflect this.

Am waiting for the channel to get back to me so I can reinstall it and check out the sound. In the interim, I'm grooving to the updated Wyred MC4 fed by my old McCormack TLC1, using both the passive and buffered outputs. Sounds pretty sweet but the Wyred needs a few hundred hours more to break-in.