Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Audition struggles again - where can you actually hear the VPI Classic Direct?

I’ve been trying to find somewhere local and even not so local where I could hear the VPI Classic Direct table. The well-reviewed direct drive model is a change for VPI, not just in terms of technology but in terms of price, VPI not really known for $30,000 tables. I’ve seen the table at RMAF but given the circumstances of show conditions, I could not really say I ‘heard’ one so I thought I’d locate one somewhere in Texas and make an effort to hear it privately.

There are 4 listed dealers in Texas for VPI, a number that initially surprised me and suggested I’d find one to hear pretty conveniently. Turns out one of these dealers is no longer in business and none of the other three have the Classic Direct or even plan to have one in their store any time soon.  There are no dealers in Louisiana. In fact, it would appear that I’d have better luck if I flew to NJ to find a dealership where I could hear one. So, not only do I have to spend a fortune to get the table, I’d have to spend a small fortune just to have the option of auditioning it first. And we wonder why high end sales are threatened?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Essence Electrostats now direct-sell to customers

Now available direct to customers, Essence Electrostats announced today that they are no longer selling through dealers. These beautiful looking speakers accordingly drop in price from $4k to $2k a pair, with a variety of payment options possible, and supplementary sub available too. Add another $600 to get the taller 63"  pair for those of us who think height matters. This brings some serious competition to the market place and might just capture a new audience who never thought of listening outside the box. Hope to hear a pair in-house myself soon. For further info, check out the Essence site.