Friday, May 21, 2021

New Tone issue out now

I still enjoy every issue of Tone.  Yeah, lots of ads but it's free.  You can ogle the great photographs, enjoy a range of coverage that is not too serious, it covers music well and throws in some vintage gear too, reminding us that there are many paths in this pursuit. On top of that, it's supposes to be fun right? Treat yourself by downloading the latest issue here:

Saturday, May 1, 2021

MQA - just what is going on here?

The MQA 'thing' always makes me uncomfortable -- the technical explanation seems implausible (the whole less is more thing? I'm with Yngwie on this....'it's impossible; more is more') and then the sense that you have no real ownership of the music you purchase. It all makes me uneasy. I get that some love it, feel it sounds superior, but I've learned to take a lot of claims from the audio review world with a pinch of salt. Anyway, we all make our own minds up, right? Good, as long as we have choices and I can keep spinning my records and own the music I buy forever. Now, have a look at this: