Friday, June 19, 2020

Underwood/CorePower release USBe Perfect

Press release includes the following info:

Underwood Hifi and Core Power Tech A/V 

Introduces the USBe Perfect –

THE ANSWER to USB Signal Transmission

Walter Liederman, owner of Underwood Hifi and Core Power Tech A/V had these comments when asked about the USBe Perfect - 

" Now that USB has become the transmission medium of choice, we saw a need to create the absolute best connection for the Highest Fidelity result. 

Carefully designed and meticulously Alpha and Beta Tested, the results were unanimous. USBe Perfect improved every system it was placed in. We decided to bring this product to market with an Introductory Price of $299. This is a special offer during these difficult times – the actual retail price is 499 dollars. "

USBe Perfect Technical Highlights

The USBe Perfect is designed to minimize signal degradation effects such as crosstalk, jitter, and inter-symbol interference (ISI) that negatively affect audio quality. This is achieved with a comprehensive set of features that optimize the entire USB signal transmission chain:

    • Integrated Regeneration of the USB 5V power from the source. 
    • Input stage equalization. Each input channel re-equalizes the signal gain with transmission frequency to compensate for cable losses.  (assumed to be 1 to 3 meters)
    • Output stage matching. The outputs stage provides tailored de-emphasis to compensate for impedance mismatches at the signal termination.

More info:

Contact Walter Liederman / 770.667.5633

Monday, June 15, 2020

25th anniversary of Rory G's death

And it was acknowledge in style yesterday with an online tribute show including various contemporary acts and a few show-ups from old band members. For now it's still available online, as is the Eagle Rock remastered presentation Taste-Live at the Isle of Wight, which is a cracking live performance of Rory and the boys when he was just 22 years old - recommended.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Octave Records aims to support the artists

PS Audio announced the formation of a new record label, Octave Records, which they launched this week with the release of Don Grusin's album Out of Thin Air. This is an interesting development from an audiophile company known for it's digital gear primarily and I hope it works.  Pure DSD recording, dual layer release with SACD, and a DVD-A, it's already backordered but you can still buy for $29 plus shipping. The music is not exactly to my taste but you can sample some of it on site. Well done all. 

Thursday, June 4, 2020

And more pertinent to now

Experience Vinyl signed Burn edition

Do love the Burn album which I've played since I first got a copy by in the 70s, for me perhaps the best stuff Hughes and Coverdale did in their careers (sorry chaps). Was seduced by the idea of a souvenir signed copy that Experience Vinyl were issuing so plunked down the cash. I don't actually need a new copy of the LP, even on colored vinyl as my original sounds decent still, so the attraction was purely sentimental, a trip down memory lane, but more likely a gift for a Purple-loving friend who I know would be delighted. Yep, how easily we aging vinyl lovers are duped into buying the same stuff repeatedly.

Here's the sales site pic:

And here's what I received (below). Guess ol' Glenn was running out of steam near the end. Not quite the souvenir but at least Experience offered to take it back and sell on to others since it's sold out apparently. Am I too fussy? Maybe..