Saturday, August 22, 2009

AVS White Paper on Cabinet Design in Speakers

Albert Von Schweikert published a paper in the latest issue of Dagogo where he outlines his company's findings on cabinet resonances and materials in loudspeaker design. Interesting reading that you can find here

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Herbie's Audio Labs review now out

I spent the early part of this summer playing around with a variety of Herbie's Audio Labs (HAL) footers and vibration tweaks. The review is now out in the August edition of Affordable Audio. In short, these are winners --- cheap, reliable and effective. In my solid state system, the best improvements were found for:

  1. Speaker decouplers
  2. Tenderfeet, tall and regular under the CD player and amps
  3. Sonic stabilizers with the Tall Tenderfeet
I gained little from the addition of HAL-O's on the interconnects but YMMV. Given their low cost and more than generous return policy for those who want to trial these at home, I give HAL top marks.