Thursday, January 28, 2021

Paul McGowan releases new book and test CD for set up.

I own, and have owned over the years, a lot of PS Audio equipment. Even now, my out of date PWT/PWDII combo still sounds great to my ears and their BHK monos are the best sounding amps I've ever had in my home. The company has always been easy to deal with, and any service issues I've required, I can confirm that they looked after me fairly and quickly. Good people. I've met CEO Paul McGowan once or twice at RMAF and he's always been pleasant and patient with my questions, so I am happy to plug his new work, The Stereo- An Audiophile's Guide, and its accompanying recording of test tracks, a package designed to help you set up your system in your home. You can sample the test tracks at the company site and order there. If I ever get a copy I'll happily review it here but the post-holiday crunch has put my credit card into the danger zone and I'm trying not to spend $58 unless I have to....but now that I mention it, this does not seem an extraordinary cost if it helps you get the best out of your system. Let me know if you try it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Steve McCormack is back (did he ever go away?)

The SMcAudio site had a few changes recently, losing the .com and now back as .net. Glad to hear all is well with them. Check out the new site, including a video interview with Steve himself talking history, design and audio. Have owned various pieces of McCormack gear over the years, including the DNA.5 (sorry I ever sold it), the TLC-1, and currently run the superb VRE-1C preamp in my rig. In fact, that component might be the longest-lived pre-amp I've ever had and I have zero desire to replace ever it, it's really special. Good people, good gear.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Small batch Lush Life from Craft announced

And no, we're not talking bourbon, but Coltrane. Here's another boutique run, limited to 1000, and it's $100. Get them while you can to avoid those folks who somehow 'ended up with two' and then try to flog you a copy for $150 (good news: each order limited by Craft to one but I suspect greedy people will find a workaround) Check out the video, more info on their site

Update on this -- it was pointed out to me that someone has actually listed a copy for bids on E-bay at considerably more than the $150 I joked about....seems there's now a futures market in reissues!