Friday, December 22, 2023

What's changed at Audiogon?

I used to frequent Audiogon regularly back in the day, checking out new listings, piecing together deals on components, even selling a few items, including two high-end turntables. Always had good experiences. I checked out the discussion forums recently and they seem to have become very heavily policed.  Tempted to join a conversation to share some experience dealing with PayPal on a deal gone south, I naturally logged in and hit reply. Well, not so fast there fella!  Seems now I have to hand over my telephone number to be able to reply. Odd, I thought, so I checked my profile there. I've been a member for 17 years, have extremely positive feedback, and they have my mail and email details, login name and password, but I can no longer post without adding my phone number?   I decided not to bother.   I don't frequent the discussion forums there much so I presume something happened that made them apply this requirement but what's next? A credit card number?   I'll remain a passive reader.

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lash said...

Yes, that forum has become pretty useless. It's mostly people parroting things they've been told by people who benefit from spreading nonsense. If anyone dares to disagree with doctrine, they're attacked. I still peruse it for the chuckles. Good info is in VERY short supply.