Friday, September 3, 2021

The end of the road for RMAF

Clearly the pandemic has many victims but it seems the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest might be the latest. Sad news today that the show is no more, after 17 years or so. I attended 5-6 of these, always enjoyed the people and the sense of community, exhausting as it could be to try hear so much stuff in a weekend. More info here:

Am sure we'll learn more in the coming days but having already seen myself attending the next one,  I have to say this is not welcome news.


Aalan said...

So sad. Many good memories. I live in the area, and went to 6-8 shows, was going to volunteer this year….oh well. Maybe something good will start after COVID goes away.

PatrickD said...

Agree Aalan.

It's more than the show. I used to stay in the same hotel and invariably got the same room from one year to the next. I recall the view in the mornings of the Rockies out the window and the color of the leaves turning in Denver as I strolled over to the showrooms. While never a fan of the airport, I actually looked forward to the weekend as a break from routine. Will miss more than the audio, obviously. Good times.

Sergei said...

Nature abhors a vacuum. Will be better.