Thursday, July 29, 2021

Uberlight Flex improves sight and mood

The Reliable Uberlight Flex 3100TL is a godsend for those of us who spend time bending over to check a stylus or cartridge alignment. Its 26" flexible gooseneck can be clamped to a shelf and manipulated easily into any position you need where it remains firmly until you move it again. It offers multiple light settings and three power options to suit the environment and can be powered via wall plug or USB. 

The looks are attractive enough to leave it in place but you'll be most appreciative when you come to use it. The powerful light settings and manipulability of the neck will certainly help you examine your stylus and make all the fiddling needed for cartridge alignment a little easier than perching a flashlight on the deck or trying to get a desk lamp angled into position. For that alone, this lamp would be worthwhile.

However, in regular use, not only does it cast a pleasing glow at lower color temperatures, allowing you to turn down the lights in your listening room, but it is particularly helpful when checking records for dust. When you brush your records you might think or hope you are getting the surface clean but the light from this lamp is, to use an audiophile cliché, ruthlessly revealing. What looks clean in normal lighting might prove less so under the Uberlight.  Dead wax reading is always a challenge for me but this light makes it much easier. 

So it's just a lamp, it's $50, but once you try one, you'll wonder how you managed without it. Find out more at

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