Thursday, July 8, 2021

If we want to borrow music, maybe music's on borrowed time

 Hard to argue with Ted here -- give this a few minutes of your time. The weakness lies in just urging us to reconsider,  that's not quite an actionable response and who are the 'we' that should do this? Doubt active streamers will change their views as a result. My son is 20, he sees little reason to own media and has few fears of any music he loves disappearing so a more persuasive argument than 'preservation' is going to be required one suspects. 


Unknown said...

I don't listen to streams, all music comes from CDs, bought from Discogs or downloaded from Here are my reasons for this:
1. I can listen to music without an internet connection, just need power.
2. I get (mostly..) the full liner notes of the record, like who played on it, who mastered it etc.
3. Some streamed tracks are truncated the way it was published for radio, so I don't get to listen to the full length (for example: Paul Young's "I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down", 4:47 original length).
4. I always get the best sound-quality (and don't fall for bull¬shit like MQA).
5. All the things mentioned in the article.

Unknown said...

I used to be on your bandwagon, my friend…. I have North of 25,000 CDs, 5,000+ Blu-Rays, no typos, just a real jazz and classic rock and classical music lover, with 9 or 11 or 12 different High-End Systems that take words away. 115 Headphones (Mostly Planar $ E-Stats); - But here’s the problem…For all of that, and my well-tested hearing, Amazon HD and Such are about 96-97 percent there sonically, if people are being truly ‘honest’ (Which is a real problem with Audiofools, notice I am a Music Lover, not some Nutcase that can hear things no one else can possibly hear). Your Argument is Invalid on a few points, the most egregious being your emotional state like the old men who shake their fists at the clouds of change. Dude, get over it. I am sick of entitled white guys woe-is-meing because your pedestal placement has become irrelevant and the things you were so comfortable with is no longer the desirable norm. I love my media, the sound is still just that bit ‘better’, but I LOVE having access to 85 million albums instantly, no fuss, within a hairs-breath of CD-quality. N case you haven’t noticed, there is WAYY MORE Shit worth worrying about than this. This world is gone to shit, America has been Killed Dead by Fox and Trump, COVID PART 2 THE SEQUEL is infecting VACCINATED people, and your panties are all messy and damp about this silliness. Bro, I just kicked the shit out of TWO Massive Heart Attacks in 4 years, so Man the F* Up andStop Whining about your audio issues. Silly White Men.