Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Steve McCormack is back (did he ever go away?)

The SMcAudio site had a few changes recently, losing the .com and now back as .net. Glad to hear all is well with them. Check out the new site, including a video interview with Steve himself talking history, design and audio. Have owned various pieces of McCormack gear over the years, including the DNA.5 (sorry I ever sold it), the TLC-1, and currently run the superb VRE-1C preamp in my rig. In fact, that component might be the longest-lived pre-amp I've ever had and I have zero desire to replace ever it, it's really special. Good people, good gear.


Anonymous said...

If you’re really sorry you sold the DNA-0.5, why not buy a used one?

PatrickD said...

Well regrets are tied to the fact that it was a long time ago, the money I got from selling it was not much in the grand scheme and went toward other gear, not always better, which in turn has been replaced over the years. I have four amps at home now, so buying another one is unlikely, but never say never. Some gear ages well, and I'd put the McCormack amps in that category. Just remembered I also had an early Mod Squad phono stage which I sold within mins of putting it up on A'gon some years back. Years have taught me the value of some gear exceeds its price, but you don't always know it til it's gone.

JoeWhip said...

Have had a DNA 1 since the early 90’s had it rebuilt by Steve a couple of years ago and added tge fabulous gravity base upgrade in 2020. My review is linked on Steve’s new site.