Friday, November 1, 2019

Trade-in value? Check this out

The eager-beavers at PSAudio, not content at moving to direct sales only, are offering perhaps the best trade-in program I can remember from a company. Full retail cost on your old gear (as long as it's working) in an effort to tempt you into new products. No doubt some will still complain but this seems to me a really attractive option, especially since they will credit you up front and give you 30 days to try their new product. Check out the video explaining the process (apparently despite approvals I can't embed but you can follow the link)

This is How You Do Trade-In from PS Audio on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

In my world it seems to be more of a "yesterday's technology...tomorrow". :-)

Of course upgrading is great so long as the path is one I can afford to negotiate and that being in more ways than just one. Yeah...I'm married. ;-)

Having mocked myself I must admit that I watched the Vimeo Video and enjoyed it. PSAudio's CEO has an excellent sense of humor to go along with what appears to be common sense and a good idea of a sense of value. Common sense among people is rare and even more so among audio enthusiasts. Yup. For us it's a super power. We tend to "think" with our ears instead of the thing that's in between 'em.

I don't own any of his company's equipment to trade in (yet!) but that doesn't mean I never will. I tend to reeeeeeeeeeeally like '70s era receivers, the kind where "remote" meant the receiver is on the other side of the room. God...I am old. I digress...

I wish the company all the best with this program. I sometimes fix up old turntables I get at garage sales and give them to the young folks just getting interested in vinyl or fellow seasoned citizens who just want to hear their life's soundtrack one more time the way it used to sound. It appears that CEO Paul will be finding homes for used PS Audio equipment! Hmmm kind just like me with my used 'tables and receivers and CD players and...other stuff, albeit his will probably be a lot cooler and better looking than the stuff I give away. Good for him!

I'm more the lot attendant at the Island of Misfit Audio. Thank you for the link!

PatrickD said...

Thanks Anon -- you can trade in anything that works with this program it seems, but I suspect original 70s receivers are worth more now than their original retail, so you might have to negotiate a little on how to set value :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir.

For me, if it looks cool (i.e., to my eyes "classic")that counts a lot. Why? Because anyone that says looks don't matter is either literally blind or lying. ;-) What is the very first thing the vast majority of humans do when encountering someone or something. We look at it. If it is not visually appealing to us it is fact that more often than not we walk away.

In the case of a product, so long as the cost is affordable to the masses and not just the asses, it may well sell to those with taste in the classically styled. PSAudio has what I (and I am NO audio critic/reviewer, mind you!) would consider a neo-clasical look to much of their equipment. Well done PSAudio.

Some of it is well within the reach of we plebeian folk (the Sprout) while the upper levels are goals to be worked toward attaining. A man's reach should exceed his wallet, elsewise what's a credit card for, eh my friend? With their trade in and up program now in place I say again, well done PSAudio.

Like I said, looks count. I don't always have my stereos playing in the background but I do glance at them throughout my day. Life is nothing if not a series of fleeting glances. Sometimes the mirror looks back and smiles...

Be well, sir.

PatrickD said...

I agree - we try to minimize the importance of appearance but it is undeniable in human affairs, and audio is no different. We might not all like the same look but we are all influenced by it, even if it's to the point of making a statement with a fugly box that we're too cool to be bothered by casework.