Sunday, November 17, 2019

That Michael Weiss kickstarter is back....get in now

A couple of months after the initial project goal was not met, Michael's stepped up to try it again. I'm in again and you should be too if you care for contemporary jazz artists and great analog sound.  Let's get this going, and thank you Michael for refusing to give up.


Michael Weiss said...

Thanks for the plug Patrick. The Kickstarter campaign will expire in one hour from now.
Anyone interested in high quality music recorded and released to AAA vinyl, R2R, and other rewards please visit now!

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to wish you and your family a prosperous and healthy New Year, my friend.

There is nothing wrong in being either prosperous or healthy but having both is even better. In all ways and for always, I wish you and yours both. And more.

PatrickD said...

Thank you - positive words are always welcome in this world, I appreciate and reciprocate, stranger! Be well. P.