Sunday, August 25, 2019

Headphones Lab - review site
Just a quick shout out to Headphones Lab, a dedicated review site for those of you given to cans. Despite my best efforts, I slowly find myself listening on 'phones more and more and while nothing beats my regular rig, it does matter that this alternative offers good sound. Anyway, the site is new one to me, but I think it's likely to be of interest to those of you seeking an alternative or just further phones reading than the otherwise lively HeadFi. 

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Anonymous said...

If it can be said that a favorite restaurant is nothing less than a "mouth brothel" then sites such as here and the one your missive is on, "Headphones Lab - Review Site" are "ear brothels".

Aural sex? Indeed. But calorie free. Thank you for your site and for the link to Headphone Labs. I am something of a headphone "enthusiast", albeit being a seasoned citizen "(shitizen"? LOL!) my ears are not up to the task of anything but listening to the past whilst searching for signs of a future worth listening to.

Or something to that effect. Thanks again!