Wednesday, July 11, 2018

New (to me) site worth checking out: RealHDAudio

I was drawn to a kerfuffle reported online over a power cord demo at a recent audio society meet. Seems Dr. Waldrep upset some folks with his reporting. Seems to me the organizers of the event are over-reacting. Judge for yourself here

Now while typically on the side of science myself, I remember bringing an 'exotic' cord to a local audio event. When the host switched it into the rig for comparison purposes, we listened to it and his even more exotic cord on the same component, using the same music without further change. Most folks there preferred the more expensive cord and reported it sounded louder. I sort of agreed, the volume did seem to change but when I suggested we might want to level match for sure with an SPL, folks were aghast. "No way" I was told, nobody had changed the volume control so clearly the first (my) cord was inferior and somehow choking the sound. If I had not heard it myself I would not have believed it either. Never did figure it out but I know for sure no shenanigans were involved.  Luckily no egos were damaged in that meet. Meanwhile, I'll be checking the RealAudio site regularly.


Anonymous said...

You might want to get the name right. It's RealHD Audio. Luckily you got the right link to it. Some nice information and views on that site.

PatrickD said...

Thanks for the correction - edit made.