Friday, July 6, 2018

Audiogon's new design not impressing regulars

The world's largest used audio gear site (so we're repeatedly told) made a big splash announcing the roll out of their new website design a week ago. I got the PR push, imagined it must be about time, then took a look. Hum...what's with the images? Why is it difficult to drill down to items of interest (am always interested in something)? Maybe it's just me, I figured. I am at the age where changes in design for new platforms and alternative look-and-feel have almost no appeal, so maybe I'll get used to it. Well, I might, or I might have to, but the general response from regulars has been far from positive.

Check out this thread. Feedback describing the new design as 'horrendous',  'terrible' and 'hate it' are about as consistent as any user experience tester might want -- no ambiguity here. I guess the use of those periscope images are designed to make listers cough up more to have their listing favored with a clear picture. Whoever thought this up clearly neither tested it on real people or actually gives a damn about what anyone thinks. I'll be interested to see how this one it time to remind people of Audiomart?

UPDATE -- and as I expected - A'gon has announced a few modifications to address the stream of user comments. Not sure everything is solved here but clearly someone made a really bad design decision last week.


Anonymous said...

I was once a big user of Audiogon, but no more. Whomever owns the site now has ruined it. It was once fun to shop there, but now it's a very cold place.

Anonymous said...

they already went down hill years ago when they altered their website to favor retailers over used gear sellers and made the forums section a hidden afterthought.

Anonymous said...

Yes, not a fan of it. But I'll tell you what: Everytime I have a problem, they fix it quickly...great customer service

Melbguy1 said...

You hit the nail on the head when you suggested they (Audiogon) don't give a damn. They'r eall about profit now; full stop. They don't give a damn about members. And God forbit If you expose a Manufacturer who passively encourages shilling on their forum, and you'll be banned for life without appeal.