Monday, October 23, 2017

MQA concerns continue

My recent post (see below) on the blind test results on MQA samples from Archimago clearly struck a nerve. This got me digging deeper and now I find there are more than a few people pointing out that something seems a little odd with the whole push from Meridian.

The main concern seems to be that this is a back door move to rights management for music that will force us all into paying fees for music that we never actually own, but some folks are even more vocal in their objections, claiming that endorsements from the audio press are based on comparative samples that have been goosed up to favor MQA. The most outspoken critic right now seems to be Charlie Hansen of Ayre, someone we might all acknowledge knows a thing or two about good sound.  Over on the AudioAsylum forum, he's started a minor firestorm by criticizing Meridian and the mainstream press for failing to be completely honest in their  presentation and coverage of the MQA move.

Take a look at: Why can't the audio mags do this?    You'll want to expand the full thread to read comfortably...

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Anonymous said...

The real differences between MQA recordings and non-MQA recordings is this -

The former defines paying to get screwed. Without the happy ending.

Once more, kids...MQA? FTN.