Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Further links on MQA

The more I dig, the more comes up.

Here's an excellent editorial by Doug Schneider of Soundtage.
And here's a longer discussion by audio professions (not to be confused with audiophiles).

General points are common-- the basic comparisons enabled by the promoters of MQA are not equivalent in terms of source material so it's hard to know what is really going on. Presumably the MQA folks know this but don't seem to offer a very convincing argument as to why they do it this way. The points about the audiophile press being too quick to push MQA as an advance seem justifiable. 

Ad this to the blind test results reported below and it's just bizarre that we seem to be having this happen in 2017.  Not taking sides here (though no sane person who loves music wants backfoor DRM, if that's really on the agenda),  just trying to fathom what the heck is going on?

I'll keep posting what I find -- feel free to send links.

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