Saturday, November 7, 2015

Tara Labs to offer cable loans to audiophiles

Most folks recognize that it's difficult to really audition cables unless you can try them in your own rig. The Cable Co has for many years run a loaning library for a small fee and this seems sort of similar -- pick up to three cables to try, pay a deposit,  listen, ship back and decide which if any to buy, you are out shipping only once you return them. Hey, are these guys really the Cable Co in disguise?  Oddly, the system matching form that you can complete to get recommendations has lots of options but neither of my amps are listed,  am sure that's nothing more than an inconvenience. Harder for some will be making the initial preference choice between neutral or warm sonics.  An interesting development, though once again Canadians are left out.


TARA Labs is now introducing its Cable Loaner Program. This innovative and new program will make our product line of speaker cables, interconnects, digital and power cables available to anyone who want to listen and compare our cables in their home.

“Listening to a demo cable in your dealers showroom may not let you hear how it'll really sound once you bring it home and use it in your audio system.”
To know how the cable will sound, you need to listen to it on your own audio systems components. Your equipment, your music, your home!

TARA Labs now offers you this great opportunity! We have a wide variety of mid to high-end audio cables available for home demonstrations.

For additional information, please visit our website:
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*Cable Loaner Program is only available in the USA.

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