Saturday, November 7, 2015

Audio Desk ultrasonic knock off for $1k?

Seems noisier and perhaps spins a lot faster but it's interesting that someone has figured out there's a market out there for a standalone utrasonic that has most of the automatic features of the $4k models. No idea on quality, and am sure these guys won't send me a review sample but it could be a sign that the price of these tools is going to drop.


jbgrooven said...

Doesn't look like anyone figured it out, looks like they stole the design outright. I'd call that theft, which the Chinese are extremely good at.

Vinylvr said...

The Devil's in the details. The German machine was in development for 4 years before release, and then continued to evolve during 5 years of production. A lot of what they are doing is to reduce the amount of ultrasonic applied to what is, after all, relatively soft vinyl material. A machine like this, or any of those others bragging about high power ultrasonic, are a crap shoot in my book.

jbgrooven said...