Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Upgraded Raven integrated in for a listen, more reviews coming

The irrepressible Dave Thomson of Raven Audio shipped a nice surprise to me last week, the Blackhawk integrated amp, a sort of top level version of the Nighthawk I enjoyed earlier this year. Raven have had a rough few months with the crazy weather we had here flooding their facilities, necessitating rapid, all-hands-on-deck style moving of parts and equipment through the night but they have made it through and are still selling product, which is great news. More as I go on this one.

Also,  in use or coming in, all of which will get a mention at some point: Aural Thrills Audio's phono stage (another Texas tube company,  who says it's too hot in Texas for tubes?), looking forward to giving that a run out on my vinyl, where I've also been tweaking with Expressimoaudiodo's The Lift, designed to save us from leaving our precious stylus sitting in the run out groove when we forget (oh, it happens!), and a set of mats from ExtremePhono.  Summer fun with the analog stuff. More to come.

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