Monday, July 20, 2015

Rega do a Queen Edition? We are not amused.

Was sort of taken back by the announcement from Rega that they are doing a tie-in model with Queen for the latter's reissue of catalog on high quality vinyl. Seems you will be able to buy a special version of the RP1 to commemorate the occasion. Only 2000 to be made, and 200 of these only to find their way to the US. The records, sadly, do not come with it.

Apparently, according to the press release, this daring pairing was instigated by the band. Am I the only one who remembers Queen running ads in the 1980s disparaging vinyl, showing an LP melted into a flower pot or some such,  and trumpeting the glories of CD, a format that Queen had determined would be the basis for all their future releases? I guess so.


Anonymous said...

Freddie Mercury has been dead for almost 30 years. His music has lived on, and so has vinyl. Hmmm... Perfect match, I'd say.

Al Norberg said...

I'd buy one.