Friday, October 10, 2014

RMAF 2014

Most likely will save any comments until I take it all in it's too hard to sort it all out while it's happening. Main objectives for me would be to hear the latest PS Audio DSD wonder DAC, check in on the new Von Schweikert 55s, the replacement for my recently upgraded Anniversary 5s (see, both of these are updates to products I use ), plus to enjoy the range of turntables and speakers that one reads about in the glossies.

There's usually a live performance going on, and some talks but most of the weekend is spent just moving room to room. It's often fun to hear what the buzz is all about there and to just hear the mega priced components you would never dream of buying. It's often quite useful to be reminded that after a certain point, it makes little difference and that in a poor room, everything sounds ordinary. If you go, let me know.

And if you landed on this page by searching Google for RMAF 2014 reviews, just click on the AudioMatters header above to get the more recent instalments.

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