Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Back to the review business

Wow, 4000+ readers for my RMAF comments? If I'd known, I'd have given more thought to organization and layout. But another year has come and gone....I forgot to mention a few things, such as the ubiquity of Vanessa Fernandez LP in analog rooms - sounded impressive on first and second listen but I soon yearned for something more. Does a new singer songwriter set out to be the darling of the audiophile crowd? One imagines not but good luck to her, it's a tough world for new voices who opt for music over shock.

Anyway, onward to the regular services here, I've had a couple of fine phono cables in for review (about the only new cables I can get interested in reviewing in my rig), a Purist Corvus and Furutech Silver Arrow, both offering some impressive sonics. Review in HiFi'Zine now live. After this I have the Essence of Music treatment to try, and a promise of a pair of Prana Fidelity's excellent-at-RMAF monitors. But there's many a slip between promise and ship, so we'll see. Hope I can snag some of the great Raven amps I heard too but it's hard on new companies to ship gear out for review, and I appreciate that. Getting any audience for a new specialized audio product or recording is a challenge for everyone. Let's keep trying.

Also bought the latest two releases in the MusicMatters Blue Note release series...the Cannonball and Sonny releases.
I think I just reached the full set point. More to come one hopes but what started out as a desire to fill in the blanks in my collection grew into a 'better get them all while I can' approach. No regrets but this pushes the average price of my LP purchases up, which was never part of any plan. Got to love them anyway - these are products of art, manufactured to standards of love. Can't really ask for more. Some time I'll try to report on all I hear but it's fair to say, I never regretted picking up any one of them, even if I have one or more copies of the same recording (and I mad or sad?). Ron at MusicMatters is really committed to sound and a quality product (and service too). Let us all be grateful. 

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