Thursday, November 7, 2013

Take over a record store?

You can do it -- if you have a few hundre thousand dollars to spare. Ebay is listing the "On the Beat" record store in London for close to $500k. For this, you get 25,000 records, including some rare Beatles, CDs and some vintage tables inside your own cramped space near Soho. No living quarters, and details on the lease or actual ownership are sparse but as the owner says, it's a great oppotunity for someone who wants to live the 'High Fidelity' life. Check out the Daily Mail story.

Tim Derbyshire, Owner of One Beat Record, has put the shop up for sale on eBay after struggling to turn a profit

Owner Tim Derbyshire reports that he's tired and it's hard to make ends meet, despite the vinyl revival, which is hardly the pitch of a master saleseman but you have to admit, a small part of you fancies taking this on. Watch the listing here

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