Thursday, November 14, 2013

New gear inbound!

Just as I thought it was getting quiet on the review front (Minus-K platform up next in Dec issue), I land a couple of beauties. First, Bryston offered me their Mini T speakers (mini in name only, I saw these at RMAF and if that's their idea of 'bookshelf' I'm reading some odd books!). Was impressed with what I heard in Denver so am keen to try these out at home. Should be here next week. Second, the new little mono amps from Digital Amp Co, the Maraschino, a pair are coming soon for review. Was very impressed with the Cherry stereo amp a couple of years back so am intrigued to know what Tommy O'Brien and co have come up with in the intervening years. Stay tuned. Have suggestions for what you'd like us to review? Let me know. I can't promise any manufacturer will want to play but if we can report that readers asked for their gear, it can make it easier to get to 'yes'.

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