Sunday, October 6, 2013

New mono designs from Digital Amp Co

I believe I wrote the first published review of the DAC Cherry amp a few years back (see reviews listing) and waited for their monos to emerge. Well, the Cherry monos did arrive, but I never received a pair for review. Such is life. Still, I keep an eye on Tommy O'Brien's company to learn what's happening and still think their amps are a well-kept secret in audohilia, even though they've garnered more than a few positive reviews since mine. Right now the company is launching a smaller mono design, the Marachinos, which I am hoping to get to hear soon. In the meantime, here's a taster:  250w in 4ohms, true balanced design, 5"x6"x 5" footprint, 8lbs in weight, external mains power supply, WBT binding posts, Neutrik inputs, granite base.  Great power in a small package? We'll see. Check out their products here


Anonymous said...

I have these amps and they are GIANT KILLERS. These amps have beat out 4 amps in a amp shoot out all of them cost double the price. If your getting an amp put this on your short list.
Art Of Noise

Jhon Marshal said...

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