Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's time for the Rockies

Am attending RMAF -- I'll update (maybe) if time permits but more likely will just take notes and try to provide a refined report when I get through it.  It's hard to target anything there as the crowds and the distractions from many other inviting rooms can make it difficult to move but I want to experience some of the upper echelon speakers on display, not least the Von Schweikert VR-100XS, the Focal Stella Utopias and a few more that have been announced. Hope there some Revels there too, and Harbeths. WIll try out some headphones at the bigger-than-ever CanJam too. Great vinyl is also on the cards if the opportunity presents itself. I don't tend to get too excited over new DACs or hi-res streaming but then again, it's impossible to predict what will catch the eye and the ear on the day. No doubt the buzz factor will be high and the days will be long, but you know you want to be there, right?

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