Monday, September 23, 2013

Linn's Anniversary table for $40k

Linn are celebrating the 40th aniversary of the launch of the Sondek LP12 in an unusual manner, a limited edtion 'whisky cask' wonder of a table made from old Highland Park barrels.  Lots of the usual self-congratulatory BS in the press release but let's not be too hard on them (there's plenty of upset folks in various audio forums already), it's just a limited edition LP12. You do get a rare 40 year old Highland bottling thrown in, which is worth a bit too, though I seriously doubt the claim by (aptly named) Mr. Tosh of Highland Park that "the density of our hand selected, Spanish oak casks has also added to the already impressive sound quality".

 Since only 40 of these tables will be released it's hard to imagine too many, if any, finding their way into reviewers' hands, though I suspect there might be some associated gatherings where the whiskey flows and people get to see/hear one. The interesting aspect here (if there is one) is the manner in which high-end audio products, deliberately designed to be limited in production, can generate investment-style interest from collectors. Will we see these products in auction houses in years to come fetching six figure sums? I think it unlikely but one never knows.

Personally, I never owned an LP12 but I have watched friends wrestle through ownership, constantly worried about set up and upgrades. I used to laugh to myself at folks getting their annual 'tune-up' at a Linn dealer in the UK as the 'trained' Linn expert handed it back, packed up, telling the owner to be careful driving it home as the settings were sensitive! Perhaps it was me that over-sensitive, I opted for a Rega. I am partial to a drop of Highland Park though and can see how a special bottling of this might help ease the tension when that bouncing table doesn't spring quite right.

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