Friday, September 6, 2013

Amp back and amp out for repair: when an experiment is not covered by warranty

I received my repaired monoblock from Spectron this week. All works fine. Sadly, it now is also obviously louder than the other half of the pair and causes a balance shift in my soundstage. Back and forth with Spectron suggests that it's probably my other mono that is not performing to spec as the repaired one was tested at the factory. Long story short, my 'conditioner experiment' likely damaged both monos, and while the second one seemed ok, it actually is not firing on all six, as we say. So, a repaired one is back and now I have to send the other back to be brought up to spec. Annoyingly, I am told this repair will not be covered under warranty -- not sure why, something to do with my ''experimenting" with a conditioner, even though the first repair was covered. Can't win here. I'll get these back working as a pair sometime in October I suppose -- lesson learned, but I am starting the search for some new amps. I'll skip any further conditioner reviews for now, thank you very much.

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