Tuesday, May 28, 2013

UPS strikes again

People tell me all shippers are the same but here in Austin, I've had more problems with UPS than any other carrier when it comes to gear being shipped. Today brought another example of their idea of 'handling' when this arrived on my doorstep. Normally UPS won't deliver anything without a signature but I guess the driver was too embarrassed to stick around for me to answer the door.  This gash goes clear through the outer box and shows evidence of contact being made with the internal component 4" inside. Do you think the forklift operators actually take aim at the 'fragile' signs? I only ask as this is not the first time I've seen such damage. Fortunately, all inside seems ok but really, if I can ever avoid using UPS I do and I discourage anyone from shipping audio gear through them.


Anonymous said...

I buy and sell a lot of audio gear for my personal use. I refuse to ship UPS due to constant damage. Fed-Ex is less expensive, and more careful. My go to solution is Fed-Ex Ground Home Service. Zero damage, and Saturday delivery. If a seller/dealer insists on UPS it's a deal breaker for me.

Anonymous said...

Agreed that UPS is the worst, not as a prejudice, just as my experience. Seems that they don't just drop and poke packages, the tumble them. Others are not perfect, but as a way of hedging the odds in one's favor, I don't ship with them anymore.