Saturday, February 16, 2013

Legacy Studios in the house

I have a little pair of monitors, the Legacy Studio HDs, in for review and the've been in my main rig for a few weeks. Small package, hefty weight, and a big sound for their size. Expect the review in the next issue of HiFi'Zine. All I 'll say here is that Legacy's recommended amplifier power is more than advisory.

Also purchased several of the Sony Legacy reissues of the Rory Gallagher back catalog, and they are sonically a step up from earlier CD copies I have, perhaps closer to the original LP sound wise, which was a complaint I've repeatedly heard of all the reissues, regardless of origin, to date. 


Mike said...

Do you think they benefit from more than the minimum suggested 30/watts a side?


PatrickD said...

Sure do -- the review will have more details