Friday, February 1, 2013

Jimmie Vaughan doing well

Well, it happens to the best of them but I was amazed to learn from a friend in the UK that Jimmie had suffered a heart attack this week, though thankfully he is doing well. Read it here but I would not have known without that link form Europe as I don't read the local press. You may not know either, unless you read such outlets as you can be sure the mainstream media don't cover musicians such as Jimmie. I have to say Jimmie Vaughan is really a quite amazing player who's guitar skills are often under appreciated because of his laid back style and lack of histrionics. Having seen him live, I think he is way more impressive than some whom he backs, e.g. the 'god' who is appearing soon in Austin with ticket prices ranging from the low hundred(s) if you just want to be in the arena to several thousand bucks if you want to be up close. That ain't the blues, and it sure isn't justice either. Am sure JV does not mind and for that alone, we should all be grateful he's around for bit longer yet. Play on, JV.

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