Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Von Schweikert podcast on VR22

Interesting new use of the medium to share information on the Von Schweikert  VR22 speakers has been made by the company. Check it out here. Can you tell which speaker Albert is referring to when he speaks of non-resonant enclosures?  I have a pair of the VR22s in for review, I'll say more as we go, they're in my rig right now but it's fair to say, at under $3k delivered, factory-direct, this is a going to be an interesting option for many.

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Anonymous said...

I went to the Riverside showroom to audition them with Mr. Albert Von Schweikert (great customer service) and I couldn't believe that speakers could sound that good at that price. We listened to all kinds of music on these speakers without a subwoofer and I didn't miss it from the music. Listen to others first then listen to these. I was considering the B&W CM9's which are slightly more expensive and after hearing the VR-22's I am glad I waited as there really is no comparison. The CM9's sound good but slightly artificial (IMO)the VR-22's were very translucent with great balance. It was like the speakers were not there and I was listening to the artist performing it live for me. I don't work for or am I affiliated with Von Schweikert in anyway but just wanted to share my speaker experience to those on the fence about these speakers. Buy a set before Von Schweikert realizes that they under priced these gems.

Martin L.