Friday, September 14, 2012

Q-up tonearm lifter

If you play records, sooner or later you fall asleep/leave the room/ or aren't quick enough to get to the table before the stylus runs off at the end. We've all been there. I remember a product called 'The Lift' from a few years back but never see them anywhere. Now there's a new solution, the Q-UP, ($60) which seems easy to fix to your table and has a spring mechanism that is triggered by the encroachment of your tonearm. Not the most elegant in operation, but it looks sweet enough, if this video is anything to go by.

Searching for the Lift did turn up the Levitator which looks as useful and a little more nicely designed to my eye, but without seeing both in action it's hard to tell. Check this out:

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Sugith Varughese said...

The Q-up was originally available in the 80's from Thorens. It's been slightly updated in the new version with the sliders that adjust the forces which wasn't available on the original Q-up.

My original Q-up worked flawlessly and continues to work flawlessly, so if the new version uses the same spec, it should be a great and inexpensive add-on.