Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Three guys talking about audio

I sort of smile usually at Bill 'made for radio' Parrish's video postings, lots of talk and good vibe but not always so much content. That said, he delivers it all in an amiable manner that draws you in. Here's an interesting one, if you have the patience, that sort of says a lot about our hobby. Three guys, of a cwetain age, talking at length about one turntable and arm combo. The actual designer hardly gets a word in (you'll have to jump to around the 20 min mark to hear him talk about the 12 month lead time on Kronos products). For the rest, Dabid Robinson (who we are reminded has a PhD) spends a lot of time saying little other than 'this is the best' about the Kronos Discovery (11 actually sold in the US!) It does feel like you joined a conversation with a few guys drinking scotch who are begining to repeat themselves as it kicks in. I get the feeling Bill (conspicuously the only one without a drink) is smiling and slowly realizing it's time to cut them off. This video really does go better with a drink.

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Anonymous said...

A PhD in what and from where?