Friday, May 27, 2022

Michael Fremer returns?

 News broke yesterday on a few audio forums that Mikey Fremer, the longtime contributor to Stereophile is returning to The Absolute Sound. Am not sure that was supposed to be announced but it seems to be out now and the cause of some discussion online. I am sure there are good reasons he is doing this (allegedly) but I can only say I will miss him. For me, the best part of Stereophile in recent years has been Mikey, Herb and Art (RIP). John Atkinson stepping aside might have been more damaging but he's still involved and the results remain solid, it's the best audio mag by a mile, in my view. I gave up on TAS a few years back as it seemed to be little more than endless show reports, special awards issues (which threw such a wide net that one might imagine not winning was more honorable), and way too much from a couple of old writers who seemed to dial it in. Mikey will give TAS a shot in the arm.

I won't take out a new subscription just for this but I will miss him. Michael Fremer brought so much energy to the vinyl world that you could hardly resist reading him. People complain about his claims, his somewhat brash style, and even his political jokes, which I could never understand. I mean you live in this country and watch what is happening and you don't think politics is f'd up? Give me lively, opinionated but ultimately music-loving audio reviewers anyday, especially if they are prepared to say to the ridiculing masses, 'hey, this actually sounds better so deal with it'.  

I won't be reading TAS unless I see it lying around in a bookstore (remember them?) but I certainly wish Mr. Fremer well and in the current media world, I am sure I'll still be hearing him.


Dale Clark said...

With all the layoffs, and cost cutting taking place with many publications, who knows who's leaving who. At this point in his career, Michael probably does not want to start over with his own blog, channel or website along the lines of Darko, Audiophilliac, etc. I know Michael sold his "print" publication to the owners, at the time, of Stereophile and ultimately became Analog Planet. Let's hope with Fremer, TAS will improve their online footprint (not saying Stereophile's online presence is anything to brag about).

Anonymous said...

If that frAudiophilian Fremer is truly at The Absolute Sound then I am cancelling my subscription as well as the one I gave my brother and his wife. Fremer sucks. He is a canard spewing, worthless TYPIST.

Lawdy but I hope this is some kind of late April Fools Day joke as Fremer is a talentless buffoon and a disgusting creature with no honor. Any chimp can bang on a keyboard and Fremer is proof of that. FTN

Nice to see you again, Mr. Dillon! I trust all is well? I am only grumpy when it is warranted and Fremer is foul craven personified. LOL! Be well, sir!