Thursday, January 6, 2022

Max Townsend RIP

 Sad to read that Max has passed. Not many details but he was getting on, like the rest of us. Alan Sircom shared some reactions here.  I don't believe I ever met the man but I did see and hear his tables. Always found the idea of the damping trough on the cartridge end of the tonearm's travel to be an interesting idea. Last time I saw it was at RMAF and the dealer offered to sell me one since I seemed so taken with it. For someone so productive, he seemed more interested in the design than the sale, though I know some folks got quite worked up by his cables or super tweeters.  Despite the company having a website Max did not really promote himself online, though by all accounts he was a great conversationalist in person. Old school stuff. There are some videos of him, this one gives a flavor of the man   

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