Saturday, May 1, 2021

MQA - just what is going on here?

The MQA 'thing' always makes me uncomfortable -- the technical explanation seems implausible (the whole less is more thing? I'm with Yngwie on this....'it's impossible; more is more') and then the sense that you have no real ownership of the music you purchase. It all makes me uneasy. I get that some love it, feel it sounds superior, but I've learned to take a lot of claims from the audio review world with a pinch of salt. Anyway, we all make our own minds up, right? Good, as long as we have choices and I can keep spinning my records and own the music I buy forever. Now, have a look at this:



Stan D. said...

Fantastic job, thank you. Expanding on what you said re Rob Watts and cables: making a poor product is a shame; making false claims about a product is contemptible; aggressively attacking others for attempting to verify those claims is really, really bad for business. I was willing to give Tidal a go regardless of objective measurements in case I found their compression pleasing--after witnessing their bully tactics (not only here but elsewhere) I wouldn't go near them.

Unknown said...

Patrick, there have been lots of claims about MQA. So start with money, Bob Staurt has lost $100 million dollars this century so a good question is are his ideas worth pursuing? Did the labels invest in MQA just to have a music format with patents they can license? Did the high end audio industry embrace it the beginning because they wanted to churn their customers with a new feature?

Stay safe,