Thursday, January 28, 2021

Paul McGowan releases new book and test CD for set up.

I own, and have owned over the years, a lot of PS Audio equipment. Even now, my out of date PWT/PWDII combo still sounds great to my ears and their BHK monos are the best sounding amps I've ever had in my home. The company has always been easy to deal with, and any service issues I've required, I can confirm that they looked after me fairly and quickly. Good people. I've met CEO Paul McGowan once or twice at RMAF and he's always been pleasant and patient with my questions, so I am happy to plug his new work, The Stereo- An Audiophile's Guide, and its accompanying recording of test tracks, a package designed to help you set up your system in your home. You can sample the test tracks at the company site and order there. If I ever get a copy I'll happily review it here but the post-holiday crunch has put my credit card into the danger zone and I'm trying not to spend $58 unless I have to....but now that I mention it, this does not seem an extraordinary cost if it helps you get the best out of your system. Let me know if you try it.


A Tribute to Tab Hunter From A Brother Of A Vietnam Casualty said...

What Mr. McGowan toutes as "New" is not new. THe optimum test CD is already out and has been out for many years. It is the "XLO Referebce Recordings Test & Burb-In CD."

What it has it what McGowan has on his New test CD. Regardless of whomever, all the Test & Burn-In CDs have virtually the exacting same tracks.

What is new, in this case, is already old, in this case. The train moves on.

lash said...

Can anyone translate?