Saturday, November 14, 2020

Another USB DAC/Headhpone amp - this time from Clarus

Just received this from Clarus -- might be of interest to headphone aficionados and those sold on MQA (which would not include me).  $300, not cheap but the specs look impressive,  it has vol control and choice of filters. Better still, it promises software upgradability into the (unspecified) future. Coming in December. 

November 12th, 2020 — Clarus® announces the CODA, a new USB DAC with Headphone Amplifier that includes an MQA renderer. The CODA features the latest in USB-DAC technology that provides ultra-low distortion, more detail, greater dynamics, and a bigger sound stage. Designed to be used with a smartphone, tablet or computer, the CODA has a 2-button volume control and a choice of three roll-off filters.

The heart of the Clarus CODA is a New Legendary ESS Professional Series SABRE® DAC audio converter with Hyperstream® II modulation that provides previously unheard-of improved sound stage and clarity. QUAD DACTM Technology delivers superb 124dB DNR and -112dB THD+N for the ultimate in sound quality with a stable sound field. The low-power USB controller supports USB 1.1 and 2.0 and can natively handle 32-bit 384 kHz PCM and DSD up to 5.6MHz. The CODA’s class G headphone amplifier provides class AB performance with ultra-low power consumption optimized for mobile use. The 2.0Vrms output voltage will provide plenty of power for the most demanding headphones and class G ensures it won’t drain your battery.

Jay Victor designed the CODA with the new SABRE® DAC and these Audiophile features;

  • A High Precision Audio Grade Clock to reduce jitter
  • Audio Grade film capacitors 
  • 1% tolerance metal film resistors and Tight Power Supply Regulation using Multi-Stage, Low Noise, High Ripple Rejection CMOS Based Regulators 

Jay commented… “With any DAC, the printed circuit board layout is critical for low noise and best performance. Because of the small enclosed space, we used a high grade, high temperature PCB material to eliminate any overheating problems. It’s that level of attention to detail that enables CODA to provide a very enjoyable listening experience.”

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