Thursday, June 4, 2020

Experience Vinyl signed Burn edition

Do love the Burn album which I've played since I first got a copy by in the 70s, for me perhaps the best stuff Hughes and Coverdale did in their careers (sorry chaps). Was seduced by the idea of a souvenir signed copy that Experience Vinyl were issuing so plunked down the cash. I don't actually need a new copy of the LP, even on colored vinyl as my original sounds decent still, so the attraction was purely sentimental, a trip down memory lane, but more likely a gift for a Purple-loving friend who I know would be delighted. Yep, how easily we aging vinyl lovers are duped into buying the same stuff repeatedly.

Here's the sales site pic:

And here's what I received (below). Guess ol' Glenn was running out of steam near the end. Not quite the souvenir but at least Experience offered to take it back and sell on to others since it's sold out apparently. Am I too fussy? Maybe..

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