Monday, February 10, 2020

How an LP is made

Lots of confusion I suspect about how the Apollo Masters fire will impact record production. It's not about pressing plants, it's the actual supply of the nitrocellulose lacquers that is disrupted. Seems the industry was super-reliant on this one plant and developing a new supplier or hoping Apollo can make a quick comeback ignores many of the issues involved in manufacturing this stuff now.

The following video might be helpful:


Anonymous said...

Thank you. That clears up a lot of confusion

Unknown said...

That video filled in a lot of information missing from descriptions I'd read. It's a fascinating process and is one of those things where it's not so much that it works as well as it does, but that it works at all! All of those processes, physical and chemical, conducted in what looks nothing like clean-room conditions also serve to illustrate why vinyl is hit or miss. I'm totally digital and want nothing to do with vinyl playback, but the video was very cool.