Thursday, September 12, 2019

Biden’s a vinyl guy!

Did I just hear Joe tell parents to make sure their record players were on at night? Man, he gets my vote for this alone:


Bob Dog said...

Too bad he thinks 40 people were shot by the National Guard at Kent State. And that people watched President Roosevelt on tv in 1929 when the stock market crashed. And that he's basically an idiot.

Unknown said...

That's hilarious Patrick

Anonymous said...

I like records just fine, Mr. Biden not so much. Why? Because I like my records clean and un-warped, i.e., not loaded with distortion. ;-)

My life spans seven decades now and heading into an eighth. I've had vinyl (even a few 78s!), 8-Track, cassette, reel to reel, DAT, DCC, CD, downloads and streaming. It's said what goes around comes around but for me that is true only if it is worthy of coming back around.

Vinyl is worthy. Reel to reel is worthy. Cassette and 8-Track (the latter if only for the fun/frustration of having it loudly "CLICK!" as it changes between channels in the middle of a song!) and yes, even all in one portable stereos like my 1972 GE Wildcat!

I don't think either DCC (and I had two full size recoding decks and two portable players!) or Mr. Biden are worthy of a comeback. I like people having jobs. Jobs provide income and income provides first and foremost self respect and a "living". And if you are fortunate to have a bit extra cash, income can also provide you with a bit more life. I'm not here to make anything "political" but rather, "personal".

I read the news today, oh boy...More people today are working than in a very long time. They work hard for their money and when possible they will play hard with some of that money. And they'll need a soundtrack to their lives.

And something to play it back on. Cue it up, my friends...