Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Best Buy giving up on CDs

Well, I suppose it had to happen at some point but chain store Best Buy announced it would no longer stock CDs from June 1st. With sales of CDs now about 10% of what they sold 15 years ago, the company considers them unworthy of floor space in their stores.  More here at Consequence of Sound

Ironically, Best Buy will continue to stock vinyl where they sell turntables, at least for the next two years. Bet you would never have predicted this when Queen took out ads in the UK music press back in the 1980s to explain why they would release albums only on CD from then on as vinyl was no longer relevant. 


Priscilla King said...

I used to have LP's. I "converted" to cassettes. Then I decided life was too short to keep buying recorded music in different formats. I have a stereo that plays LP's or cassette tapes. I'll buy recordings I don't already have if they're LP's or cassettes.

In theory this computer has some sort of flashy digital software that can be used to record or remix digital music, and my older laptop, "The Sickly Snail," has a CD burner. I wouldn't know. I've used them mostly in public places where I disable whatever sound they have.

Call me a dinosaur but if musicians want to reach us older folks they might do well to release their recordings on what we have. I think an individual can be expected to spend a week's pay on one sound system per lifetime, not two; I did that when I was in college and the cutting-edge technology was cassette tapes.

Anonymous said...

In today's digital world most over forty are all but invisible to young. Hear them people saying often "why they hurry up and die already." When they time for old age comes, hope they aren't scratching to survive on an irradiated planet twice as crowded as the mess we have now.

PatrickD said...

Thanks for the comments folks.

Priscilla, I hear you on using what you have but not sure too many artists now have much of a say in getting their work out on vinyl or cassettes (and while both might seem old tech, it's actually far easier to buy and maintain turntables these days than cassette players). No dinosaurs us, I'm still buying a ton of CDs, but yes, as 'anonymous' notes, we're probably a little difficult to see (or appreciate) from the confines of the marketing dept -- unless it's to sell us another luxury box of reissues

Anonymous said...

It's not a problem for me, as I stopped shopping at Best Buy (isn't THAT an oxymoron!) many years ago due to their high prices and zero availability of quality audio and video equipment.

Local music stores, Amazon, Ebay, Discogs and online independents have gotten lots of money from me for CDs & LPs and will continue to do so.

Bye-bye Best Buy. We hardly missed ya!