Friday, December 1, 2017

A meeting of the spirits

There's been a lot of bad news recently with deaths in the industry, and we rightly pause to acknowledge the contributions of people like Charlie Hansen,  but last night I witnessed a musical performance that reminded me of how uplifting music can be. John McLaughlin is on a farewell tour of the US with his 4th Dimension band, sharing the stage with Jimmy Herring's band.

I caught them last night at the beautiful Paramount Theater in Austin and came away on a high that defies logic. It is one thing to hear virtuosity live, but add to that the opportunity to hear classic Mahavishnu Orchestra music played live as if transported back in time. McLaughlin can still deliver it. His band is incredible, truly incredible. And Herring's performance, as a player and as a band, was equally sensational.  The music ran for close to four hours, without much by way of stage props, fanfare or self-promotion; just real musicians getting it on live, collectively delivering amazing individual and band performances. I felt lucky to be there. The tour is called the Meeting of the Spirits and if you have an opportunity, go.  We can argue all we like about audio gear, but last night was a reminder of why humans value music. 

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Mark Wieman said...

Love it. This is what it's all about.