Thursday, June 1, 2017

Vinyl sales continue up but is the LP an ornament?

You see these trend data a lot these days --- vinyl sales are apparently undergoing a resurgence, reaching their highest numbers for 30 years it would now seem.  But you realize, when you look closely, that the old adage about damn lies and statistics is applicable here. Even as LPs sell more in comparison to CDs, the total sales are not that great. Moreover, according to this article, many people buy records but never actually listen to them!  Hey, I sometimes take a while to get around to new records when I buy a few in quick succession, and maybe some of my records have not been played in a while, but buying them just to have a trophy?  This too will pass, surely?

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Anonymous said...

Yes,they may be played rarely-usually you play once* while making a FLAC recording. You stream these flac's as well as stream from online sources:mix and match. Rarely,do I take out a cd and play it.
*or 'special" occasions,like converting a digital die hard. ; )