Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What HiFi's odd list of audiophile recordings

UK mag What HiFi? produced a list of recordings they recommend for audiophiles. Of the 50, I have less than 10, so I guess that tells you all you need to know about my tastes or credibility. Have to say, more than a few of these do not appeal and am not even sure they sound very good. Taste, as always, varies but one imagines there might at least be some standards we can agree on for sound quality?


Anonymous said...

With which albums do you take issue? I have about 25 of them, and think it's a pretty good, diverse list. There's some compression issues here and there, but nothing that offends. Just curious.


That's because they're idiots -- you only have to look at the CDs they like to show-off piled on the equipment that they 'review' and then look at the spectra of those CDs -- usually all loudness-compressed junk. I stopped reading this trash magazine decades ago when some reviewer announced that a particular TV-stand made the "blacks blacker".

What-HiFi is to audiophilia what MFI is to furniture: Made For Idiots.

PatrickD said...

Issues? No issues...but if Automatic for the People is a great sounding recording then I'm on another planet. And that's without my commenting on the boredom, good sounding or otherwise, that is Radiohead.